Cera Impala creates songs that feel instantly familiar.  Her whiskey-honeyed voice and intimately crafted pieces take you to another time and place,  of dreams and magic, sensual as they are savage.  Impala has toured internationally with her handpicked band, The New Prohibition -and in 2018, Cera debuts a new duet project, Delightful Squalor. She has previously been a member of The Blackberry Bushes, Dark Green Tree and the fabulous queens of sass and harmony, The Bevvy Sisters. Cera is enjoying the success of her latest album Tumbleweed, a collection of songs that will simultaneously take you all the way around the world and back into the heart of the woods.

THE NEW PROHIBITION: A slice of hillbilly noir and a measure of gritty 20's and 30's jazz, the New Prohibition have one foot in the past and the other in the future of folk, jazz and americana.  Dr. Dirk, her husband and long-time musical partner, is a fiddle-blazer of the highest degree also performing with gypsy jazzers Viper Swing and in the folk supergroup, Southern Tenant Folk Union.  The synergy between them is palpable; their music is otherworldly.
Born in Flagstaff, AZ Cera has made many places her home since '94 when she left; from Portland, Oregon, to New York City, California, Olympia, Washington. Berlin Germany, to Edinburgh Scotland.

Don’t be fooled; as whimsical as they may seem, there is a beautiful truth and intensity to Cera Impala and the New Prohibition, like a bar of deliciously dark chocolate - bittersweet, and very moreish.  It would be an incredible feat not to fall in love with them.