"One of my grandfather’s most beloved possessions was a blown glass bottle in which a tiny wind-up ballerina spun. There’s something of the careworn treasure, the lonesome dancer with no place to hide, and the reaching beyond containment about Cera’s ‘Wildest Dreams’ - deftly and minimally crafted, beautiful and longing, nostalgic and arms-stretched-to-the-sky. Its rawness and redemption is sensitively nurtured by producer, Ben Seal." -Karine Polwart

Cera at the 'the Forge', photo by Chris Scott on her custom Ome

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On Tumbleweed: "The tunes sway like a willow tree caught in a hurricane; the tree is immovable at the roots, it will not crack under the pressure or lose limbs due to the posturing of the wind, but it will magically sway, it will move with the breath of harmony and find physical enjoyment in its constant repositioning."

-Ian Hall, Liverpool Sound and Vision.

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It's a banjo thing. With her band The New Prohibition, she walks something more akin to the Yellow Brick Road than Route 66... Impala's voice has a honeyed sweetness to it and it has the perfect foil, not in her admirable talents on the aforementioned banjo, but in Dirk Ronneburg's traditional yet fiery violin, and that pairing makes this album both mature and endearing...even Amanda Palmer would approve.”

— Bluesbunny (UK)

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